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black + white

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The combination of black and white is a classic color scheme that has stood the test of time. It is a timeless pairing that can be seen in everything from fashion to home decor to graphic design. The contrast between the two colors creates a bold and striking look that is both elegant and modern.

In design, black and white color combination is a clean and sophisticated look that is both timeless and modern. A black and white rug can serve as a great anchor for a room, providing a neutral base that can be accented with pops of color.

Alternatively, black and white wallpaper or a black and white checkerboard floor can add a bold and graphic element to any room. While black and white photographs or artwork can add a touch of elegance or vintage feel to any space.

This involves using black and white stripes as a prominent design element in a room's color scheme. The bold contrast of black and white stripes can create a dramatic and eye-catching look.

When designing with black and white stripes, it is important to balance the boldness of the pattern with other elements in the room. Adding pops of color throughout to accessories such as curtains or artwork can help soften the look and make the space feel more inviting. In this case, the blue sofa should have a cool undertone to complement the black and white rug. Similarly, the yellow should have a warm undertone to balance out the cool blue.

Additionally, incorporating different textures and materials can add depth and interest to the space. For this space, a blue sofa and yellow ottoman add a playful touch to the space. Paired with vintage frames, oil painting, and modern art print, the black and white modern rug creates a more casual eclectic feel.

By adding this off-striped rug into the room the vintage secondhand pieces are elevated to a more elegant, modern feel. That is one thing I always strive for in any of my spaces, creating a space that does not feel too vintage or secondhand. I always like to add a touch of modern, sometimes in a big way or just little touches! In this space, the modern is a large piece therefore making the space feel more modern vs. vintage.

To tie the room together, I will continue to incorporate additional accents in shades of blue and yellow. For example, yellow throw pillows, playful curtains, and wall art will all be used to bring the space full circle.

How would you add black and white to your space?

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