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Cloth diaper basics

8 Diaper Covers 20 Small Inserts 20 Medium Inserts 18 Large Inserts 2 Large Wet Bags 1 Medium Wet Bag 1 Small Wet Bag 25 Cloth Wipes Diaper Cream ​Laundry Detergant

Covers & Inserts. Best Bottom covers and inserts are found at retailers all over, you will be surprised just how close to you they may be. Covers are usually $16.95 a piece depending and stay dry inserts are around the $4 mark. For this article inserts refers to the Stay Dry Inserts. I have found to get the best deal find used diapers. Not everyone is up for used diapers, I get that, and I would suggest taking them to a diaper service before placing them on your little's bum. When you are looking for the most inexpensive route, this is the path I would take. Now, depending how often you would like to do laundry, depicts how many covers as well as inserts you should have on hand. Best Bottoms recommends washing every 2-3 days. They also say to have 8-10 shells and 18-24 inserts. With our experience we have found 20 inserts of each size with 8 covers is perfect for doing laundry every 2 days. There are of course exceptions to every rule, like how if you really wanted you can skip buying a set of inserts, or if it is just a messy day. Looking back we could have skipped the small inserts, but they did fit very nicely. The only downfall I see with skipping a size is you run the risk of wet pants because they do not fit correctly. Our little was in small inserts from 1.5 weeks old until just before 3 months. Mediums lasted until 10 months, we are currently in large inserts at 11 months old. Wet Bags. Wet bags are considered the bag in which you place your dirty diapers. There is a variety of sizes to choose from and even more patterns and brands. We received two medium wet/dry bag as a gift, bought one medium wet bag, one large hanging wet bag and one small wet bag as a gift. Reflecting on the number of wet bags we have, we have too many. I am finding different uses for them, but in general too many for this simple mama. When deciding on a brand, they are all the same. Get the cuter one! My recommendation would be 2 large hanging wet bags, don't bother with the garbage cans. They seem great to begin with but really just one extra item to find space for and clean. Because we only have one I am a mad women trying to get diapers done before the next changing. This does not happen, so diapers end up on the floor, EWW! Depending how often you are on the go, one medium wet bag. The dry part of this bag is not a necessity, I thought it was, but really when changing a diaper it is just another zipper to undo. This bag will be washed often, every time you do diaper laundry, it will barely have time to get full. Finally, one small wet bag. At first I had no clue what I was going to be using this for, until I QUIT FOLDING WIPES. Now the little WB is a perfect place for wipes on the go. Wipes. When we started using cloth diapers we hadn't agreed on cloth wipes yet. Basically, Mr. Tumbleweed didn't understand we were doing cloth wipes with or without him. Here we were, cloth diaper set up and disposable wipes. This meant having a garbage can next to our changing table. Now, for most this is not a big deal and kudos to you. For me, this drove me nuts. I love simple! I just wanted to put my wipes in the same place as my diapers. Just like a disposable diaper user puts their disposable wipes with their disposable diapers. As our package of wipes was running low I finally said, "Let's just order these wipes for $10, if we don't like them, not a big deal." Guess who liked them first! What do I put on them? For the first 3 months, nothing. How easy is that? Just wet and go! Currently I am using a local mix of essential oils specifically for diaper wipes. I would skip the fancy wipe solution and just get tea tree oil or lavender. When they are fresh out of the dryer I fill the sink with water and add 2 drops of oil. I then submerge all my wipes. Bundle them into a ball and squeeze the excess water, finally place them into my snap lid Tupperware container. Did I mention I like simple? Diaper Cream. This is my most simple step to finalizing your cloth diaper system. Coconut Oil. Yup that's it. Please keep a jar designated for this. No one wants you cooking with diaper cream. This step is not approved by best bottom, we have been using this and found this to be the best solution for baby's bottom and to keep your diapers from having built up residue on them. Do not use a regular diaper cream with cloth diapers. Your diapers will not absorb the way they should. Laundry. Do not be mistaken. To keep your diapers in their best condition do not make your own detergent. I started off making my own, with normal ingredients, because people said I could. What I ended up with was smelly diapers that did not absorb properly. I did correct this problem, and not by stripping them either. We have hard water, after contacting Best Bottom they suggested Tide Original was best for us to use. They are the expert’s people. Listen to them. As much as I do not like Tide, I do not like smelly, leaky diapers even more. Never use fabric softener when doing diaper laundry, and skip the dryer sheets.

​What will cloth diapering cost??

8 covers $135.60 20 Small Inserts $80.00 20 Medium Inserts $80.00 18 Large Inserts $72.00 Coconut Oil $13.01 2 Large Wet Bags $31.98 1 Medium Wet Bag $8.97 1 Small Wet Bag $6.99 2-15pk Cloth Wipes $20.00 Total = $448.55

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