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Compromise (n.) an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.

During a recent bathroom consultation, the husband and wife seemed to have different styles, plans, and dreams of their new bathroom. When he mentioned a bull shower curtain over text, I could just about hear her shaking her head in complete "WTF are you thinking" fashion. To me this bull shower curtain was a no, not even entertaining the idea, but then I started the vision boards. I dove into her Pinterest and examined her texts.

Piece by piece their bathroom was taking on a feeling of it's own. I stood back, glanced it over, there was just something missing... Him! Where is he in all this? I skimmed the messages again, and there it was, the only thing he commented on..the bull shower curtain! I shook my head, took a breathe, and added the bull shower curtain.. I would have never guessed what I would see! I love it!

"Whether we are compromising with ourselves or a partner, in the end, we are promised something beautiful."

This lesson of compromise changed my career mindset! It's not just "his bathroom" or "her closet" it is however "their home". There will be things that one person feels more passionately about, but unless one person will never walk into the space, they will have a say or piece of the final outcome.

& this bathroom ultimately helped see this word in a new light. When we live with someone else, we want them and ourselves to feel at home. During the remodels my husband and I have done, I have always wanted his input and style to be felt through the house, after all, he is doing the work and I want him to love what he is doing... But now, as we head into this adventure of me joining him at his job, I get to see this feature come full circle, within our clients homes.

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