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Find Yourself

In the midst of a birthday party I found myself! Now, I tend to be in tune with my body and surroundings more than just once in awhile, but this time was different. A lightbulb moment hit! If the things we surround ourselves with, talk about, put on, and put in our bodies could talk, what would they say?

As I have grown into finding myself over the years, I have learned to try to pay attention to how certain situations make me feel. This weekend as I scrambled to get ready for my grandmother's 79th birthday party, my grandma pulled out my great grandmas silk scarf, the moment I put it on with a pair of her earrings I felt at home. You know, that feeling where for a moment everything stops, your soul feels cozy, and you're on the verge of happy tears. That is exactly how I felt.

I had been playing around with this idea that I might actually really enjoy being a housewife. I love knowing my husband has clean underwear when he goes to work, the babies diapers are clean, and taking a moment to wash the dishes while the other two destroy whatever is happening behind me... I actually like it. Putting on what seemed to be a simple scarf just made the pieces of my life feel put together. I was home!

Every day self-care should be a priority, yet we let it go so often, sometimes without realizing it. When we fill our home with intentional items, and free our spaces we allow ourselves to live in a space where self-care is habit. It becomes second nature to appreciate what we are surrounded by and the simple moments our life gives us.

Often folks do not associate your space with self-care, if we create our surroundings to make us feel good, and work for us, we begin to see life in a new light. Dirty floors, laundry, and dishes are no longer a stressor. We find a moment amidst the chaos to free our minds into awareness of how we feel.

Take a moment today to think about what clothing item you feel at home in... & go ahead, wear it, see what you can accomplish!

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