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modern + vintage

When it comes to decorating a room, choosing the right aesthetic can be challenging. I like to find a piece that speaks to be first and then work from there. Many times I will create a mood board, but for this space, I felt impartial, and didn't really know what direction I wanted to go!

In this living room, I initially was at a complete loss! So I headed over to marketplace to see what goodies I could find and inspire my lost mind.

Reminder: when shopping secondhand quality is key!

I came across this beautiful blue sofa that just really struck me, I cannot explain it anymore than just that.. I was hooked! I quickly grabbed this heart-wrenching sofa, that apparently "I had to have" for $150, I would call that a deal! I later found the set of salmon side chairs; I was not too sure I liked them as they were warmer than I would've liked, but the quality was immaculate for the price, $60! For this price and quality, they were worth the opportunity to have them recovered!

Luckily for me, I was doing this revamp during garage sale season; which landed me on a free yellow ottoman, straight from the 70s; original tiger oil painting; and vintage frames.

When I brought everything into the space I was feeling too vintage; you know when there is too many old pieces and not enough new.. that feeling! After all, I am obsessed with straight, clean, and modern mixed in with ALL historic aesthetics. (it's kind of my thing)

But then, I was stumped! How can I make this thrifty vintage space, take a modern twist? Off to Pinterest I went... searching "blue sofa", "modern and vintage", "blue sofa modern space", etc.. any combination I could think of! Those key words are crucial to shake up the search results! Until, a photo appeared that drew me in; a modern black and white rug with a blue sofa! Thats it!! That is exactly what I needed.

As soon as the rug arrived, the rolling out, and uncovering began! WOW! What an anchor for this vintage + modern space. I could not be happier with how this all turned out, IMO: a blend of modern, twist of vintage, thrifted, yet luxury space.

Learn from my mistakes; here are lessons I learned this round!

  1. You have an aesthetic; this may be a mix of styles, but there is an authentic style somewhere inside you! You'll find it the more you start digging into what it is you like.

  2. Balancing modern and vintage takes time! This is not something that can just be whipped up over the weekend.

  3. An anchor piece is key to making a space feel completed; without such a piece, the space just feels unfinished and you'll constantly be buying to try to fill a void.

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