mr. & mrs. Tumbleweed

June 2014. After talking for a couple weeks on, it was time to finally meet. From the moment we met life has been a whirlwind wild ride. I immediately fell for his small town charm and supped up Chevy. He was exactly what this tumbleweed needed. Shortly after we met we found ourselves staring at two pink lines. We knew that this was no accident, God knew exactly what He was doing when he brought these two hearts together. March 1, 2015 we brought our beautiful baby girl into this world surrounded by family and wrapped in God's love. April 1, 2015 we brought home 5 pigs, two days later 25 jumbo broilers came home. On our journey to the Gunflint Trail at the end of May, I found myself beaming with a diamond on my hand! Two weeks after that 30 more jumbo broilers and 5 turkeys came to us, and shortly after 6 hens became our new adventure. September 5, 2015, that one boy and one girl joined together in marriage. Voila!! Our life had begun.

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