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spring cleaning

Over the next 3 weeks take an adventure with me and deep clean! I am talking about cleaning EVERYTHING, house, body, and food. This adventure wouldn’t be as fun without doing it with a friend… So let’s get started!

Backstory: I have always been intrigued with living life a little more simple, so I have had many encounters with blogs, books, and life experiences that have led me to where I am now. It could be how the moon glows in 2016 or the biblical story of Easter, whatever it may be, something inside has changed. This is just a stepping stone and it may be your first glimpse into “simple living” and you may find me crazy (most people do). Any which way I hope you live a life that makes you happy, simple or chaotic, we need both in this big world.

Scrolling through a few books on Amazon I came across The Simple Life by Rhonda Hetzel. I was not quite sure what I was getting myself into, but hey I like simple and there was a chicken on the front, SOLD. As I begin reading and discovering that I was not the only person who finds desire in living a simple life, I thought I would continue reading. Rhonda goes on to the story of how her and her husband packed up and moved out to the country where they too would eliminate one income and become self-sufficient. So much of her story was relatable to how I was feeling. How do I get started? How will we make it?

As time progressed she started making suggestions. I like suggestions! Make your bed every morning and open a window. I shut the book. For one week, without reading another word, I made my bed and cracked the bedroom window. I feel like my life had changed. For some of you reading this may already be part of your routine and for others you may be thinking, “This lady is a nut, who has time for that”. Make time. If simple has any appeal to you, make your bed right when you get up. Shake the sheets, crack a window, and make your bed. What an amazing way to start your day, you accomplished something before you even brushed your teeth. In that week, some days making my bed was the only thing I accomplished. Rhonda continues making suggestions throughout the book about her journey and learning new ways of doing old things.

Weeks before reading this book I made a mission to eliminate clutter. Room by room we have picked out and gotten rid of items that were not sentimental or necessary for our life right now. Rhonda stated that every item she kept thinking she would “need it later” she never ended up needing or using later. Our bedroom contains two night stands with two drawers, a five drawer dresser, a bed, and a closet. I do utilize under the bed for storage, just two totes and a blanket that I put on our bed in the winter. I am struggling with my kitchen and working on that this week so if anyone has any input please comment. The spare room is no longer a catch all, maybe one day, storage shed. We did hold onto our baby items, because yes I would like more children, and you will have those items too. Last summer we made the leap to combine our high school totes. Now we have one LARGE tote full of high school memories that are fun to go through, but belong on a shelf in the basement all tidy together.

All of our items are currently in a pile waiting to head out the door to our garage sale in a couple weeks. I cannot wait! I love garage sale season!

I am struggling to declutter the daily happenings of life. Our kitchen table always has something on it, and our island, forget it! It is always full. But hey, I made my bed today.

​Check back next Monday for spring clean your body!

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