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Sunday sunset

Growing up church was not a common occurrence in my home. In fact, I even asked my parents to get baptized at the age of 11. Nonetheless, I found myself being dropped off for church and church events, hanging out with friends and their parents. I never felt unwelcome just because my parents were not there, and most importantly my parents never discourage me from going!

Through adulthood I wandered from church to church, looking for that church family, a place I felt I could call home. I stumbled across a few that wow, I really thought were "the one"! & don't get me wrong, they were the ones, for that moment along my journey. They taught me how to meet new people, pray with complete strangers, cry in a crowd when I felt moved, and belt out the notes of a hymn when the spirit hits! Most importantly they taught me how to be an active part of a church family, so for each of those churches, I am grateful! What I did not know, was that God had the right church family waiting for me the entire time.

He had a home for me?! I still cannot believe that God had something this good in store, for little ole' me! A place that I could finally call home, where in the silence of the pew I could let the weight of the world fall, let all my tears flood my eyes. You know, that once a week moment, when no one is barging in the bathroom to ask you a question, and you take a deep breath only to find tears from all that is heavy on your heart as your exhale! He provided that home for me and my family. A place that every "how is so and so" is filled with care and thoughts of "oh, I should bring them a dish" or "gotta remember to send them a card".

For those who have been following our journey for awhile, may have remembered me saying "my God chosen husband". I believe God knew that for my marriage, and my heart I needed a husband with strong ties to a church, where walking in the door was not such a deer in the headlights feeling. He knew it and nailed the assignment. (I'd like to think if God was on TikTok, the assignment may be His jam)

When I have said Mr. Tumbleweed is ancestry rich, get this! His ancestors were founding members of our church! (Mind-blown)

Yup! You heard me folks, his ancestors were founding members at our home church. On top of that, our children are the sixth generation to be baptized at the hand-carved baptismal font! Not only does our church hold ancestral ties, the people hold a place in our hearts.

I often find myself tearing up when I look around on Sunday mornings at the faces we see smiling back at us. Not because there is something wrong, but the mere fact that these faces are consistent, caring, and loving. Without a doubt I can call any one of our church family members for anything! I know my children could do the same, heck, they'd probably get better results!

All in all, as the sun starts to set this Palm Sunday, I am reminded of all we have to be thankful and grateful for, and it is about time I give the recognition where recognition is due, our church!

My hope for any readers out there, is that they have found that place that breaks down the walls, and loves you for you, no matter what season of life you are in! & if that place has not found you yet, I fully believe you will, it is there, somewhere, somehow it will be revealed to you in due time!

& may your Sunday sunset be filled with gratitude!

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Steph Mickelson
Steph Mickelson
Apr 11, 2022

Beautiful and thought-provoking as always. I get the same feeling from our church, and every time we go someone says how much they love seeing our kids (and all kids) in church. Even when they cry. Especially when they yell "yay" at the silent end of a hymn!

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