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the NEST

"Twigs, grass, leaves, and mud; apart they are compost,

together create a nest for young birds to develop"

Hello! Welcome to our nest!

My name is Brandi, wife, mom, and entrepreneur. Through my childhood and "on my own" years I discovered one thing about me: I have passion! I love anything real estate, self-care techniques, listening to others life story, helping my community thrive, and contributing my time to make something bigger happen. You know, that feeling that God is using you to help guide others to their success and happiness! Shhh... I love that feeling!

Anyways, back on track...

Mr. Bluebird and I met in a whirlwind in 2014 and quickly began our family. We currently have two rambunctious children, I'd like to say we are parents to them, but let's face it they are teaching us how to be parents on a daily basis. Together we have accomplished so much in such a short time, I remember looking at him and said; "We have been together 40 months: gutted my family cabin, did two flip houses, had a daughter, raised 150 broiler chickens, 17 laying hens, 2 jersey calves, 8 pigs, bought and remodeled a downtown building, had a son, started a business, and just signed on a duplex that needs remodel. We are crazy!" We looked at each other and chuckled, both knowing we would probably change a few words exchanged along the way, but eagerly ready and exhausted knowing we have more coming in our journey together.

You may quickly begin to see that we are dreamers...

Why the NEST? I wanted a place that I could reach out, connect, and give a little glimpse of life in a rural community! So many blog spaces are filled with great tips and tricks, but sometimes they are not applicable in a small town. Everything here is coming straight from an unincorporated-homegrown Wisconsin girl. (The Mr. may want to add redneck in that description and my oily friend would say granola, but I will let you decide that for yourself later.) From cooking, to essential oils, hair care, travel, offspring, and maybe even business... It is all coming straight to you!

I love comments, questions, topic suggestions, and even welcome guest bloggers!

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2 commenti

06 apr 2019

🤗🌷Keep rocking it, girl!!

Mi piace

05 apr 2019

Welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to reading your stories in the days to come!

Mi piace
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