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Welcome home

We finally found a Victorian home! I cannot believe it! Just a couple weeks shy of a year since looking at one Victorian on the market, we have finally found, made an offer, settled on a price, and grabbed the keys to our Victorian hygge home.

She’s got some quirks and odd features that truly have me puzzled about her Victorian status and age, but her bones told me she’s got character that needs to shine. Side thought: Oddly enough the homes we end up “winning” are the ones that I feel the bones telling me to call them home.. Anyways, there is this grand staircase, yet her trim is nothing overly fancy, in fact, from my research it is the run of the mill. At the turn of the industrial revolution this allowed “normal folk” to have elegant woodwork. Yet there is a maids quarter and servants staircase. Outside I am puzzled by the two rooflines and incomplete attic space, as well as, the two front doors. Although she has me puzzled, I just know we are going to be friends! (psst… I’ll uncover all her dirty secrets and share them on the web!)

When we first began looking, but the looks of the other two Victorians we toured, I was envisioning we would end up doing a period correct, restoration home. One that required preservation. Looking back, I am glad those two didn’t work out! Fern, our Victorian, is a little different, therefore the need of restoration is not in the cards.

With her quirky features and mini remodels over the years, I don’t believe she wants to be restored. We do want to keep the lathe and plaster, all original woodwork, and no major wall moving or removal. These three are important to me in preserving her story, while giving us the opportunity to make it feel like our home. During my “look-back” I realized restoring with four young children was not something I have the capacity for doing or living in. I can barely keep my composure in our laid back Scandinavian when they walk around with food, I can’t imagine what I’d be like in a restored home. & that’s ok! Fern is perfect! Her woodwork is all painted, allowing us to strip what we have ability/time for and painting what we don’t. She’s just the right amount of classy and sassy!

I kick myself for not viewing her sooner honestly! The photos just didn’t hold up to her presence when we first walked in the door. Why did we finally go look? Our family has outgrown our tiny hygge home, the business is expanding, and this gal wants to host a dinner party. Although the third is not as important, Fern just sealed the deal on why I needed her. The lot is large, offering the opportunity to add a woodworking shop and store work trailers all in one location. Currently we have the tool trailer at our house, my material trailer and the equipment trailer at our land. It’s just cumbersome quite honestly! & the most important feature: she fits our family! Our older two are really hitting a point they need their own space. To be honest, I need my own space. Working from home I dream of having an office that separates me from all the household tasks, to just focus on work.

Fern truly is just what we needed at exactly the right time! Follow along as we discover all her stories and make her our next home!

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